The lab counts with state of the art equipment for measuring brain activity (electroencephalography – EEG) and several psychophysiological measurements devices and methods such as muscle activity (EMG), eye-tracking devices, heart and pulse rate measurements, computer vision and thermal imaging technology for recognition of affective states, including also a complete BCI research system, g.USBamp (CE-certified, FDA listed) with 32 channels with hardware and software for motor imagery/ERD, SSVEP-BCI and P300 ERP/BCI.

It also counts with high performance computers and high resolution display systems for multimodal stimulus presentation (e.g. screens, augmented reality, virtual environments, 3D sound); software and game engines for the creation of engaging interactive virtual environments (e.g. Unity, CryEngine), and multimodal and tangible interfaces (e.g. Kinect, haptic controllers, eye-trackers).


Brain measurement

  • g.tec EEG 32 channel system.
  • Emotiv

Skin conductance and Heart rate measurement

  • Empatica E4
  • Mionix Naos QG mouse

Eye tracking and eye dilation

  • Tobii pro glasses 2
  • EyeTribe eyetracker

Muscle activity measurement

  • Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG system


GitHub repository: https://github.com/augmentedcognitionlab
The GitHub page contains different programs and software development packages, used to extract and analyse data from using different equipment found in the lab.

– Data conversion tool for Tobii pro glasses 2, to facilitate data inport in Matlab, Ogama, etc.

– Framework to get access to and analyse Mionix Naos QG mouse’s Heart rate and GSR data inside Unity and through a website service.   Both for offline and online analysis.