The Augmented Cognition Lab is supporting a number of the courses on the study programs Medialogy (BSc. and Master) and Sound and Music Computing (MSc.): Human Senses and Perception; Multimodal Perception and Cognition; Music Perception and Cognition; Embodied Interaction; Narrative in Digital Culture.

Below you can find supporting materials and links used for each course as well as ideas for miniprojects.

Links for tools and use of equipment


In the github repository you can find different programs and software development packages to achieve and analyse results from the different lab equipment:

EEG toolbox

To get the data from the wristband you need to create an Empatica Connect account and download and install Empatica Manager:
User Manual:


Link to download Emotive Control Panel (free of charge)

BioMedical PET

Link to BioExplorer download for windows:

List of primary courses

Here we post information and links relevant for each course when needed.

  • Human Senses and Perception (3rd semester, BSc. Medialogy)

  • Music Perception and Cognition (1st semester, MSc. Sound and Music Computing)

  • Multimodal Perception and Cognition (1st semester, MSc. Medialogy)

  • Narratives in Digital Culture (elective on 2nd semester, MSc. Medialogy)

  • Embodied Interaction (elective on 2nd semester, MSc. Medialogy and  MSc. Sound and Music Computing 2nd semester)