About Augmented cognition Lab

The Augmented Cognition Lab  at Aalborg University Copenhagen is dedicated to the study of perception, cognition, affective states and aesthetic experience in relation to multimodal media and cognitive technologies (including immersive and representational interactive displays, music communication, and multimodal digital applications).  The lab is well equipped technologically and methodologically to investigate such processes when experiencing and interacting with complex stimuli and narrative content. The lab is directed by associate professors Luis Emilio Bruni and Sofia Dahl.

Through interdisciplinary research the Augmented Cognition Lab intends to:

  • Monitor user experience by developing rigorous methodologies to improve the integration of first-person assessments of subjective experience with third person observational and psychophysiological data obtained by a variety of methods.
  • Integrate psychophysiological and augmented cognition techniques, BCI and sensor technology with immersive-interactive applications as interfacing or monitoring devices.
  • Prospect and promote sustainable and novel applications of digital cognitive technologies in education, health, art, culture, ecology and particularly assistive technologies for people with disabilities or special needs.
  • Study and assess the cognitive limits, the effects and the cultural implications of technological acceleration in digital culture with focus on sustainability.


You find the lab in room 1.23 on the first floor, building B (Frederikskaj 12), DK- 2450 København SV.

For questions, please contact Luis Emilio Bruni  or Sofia Dahl